Transformation. Integration. Change. M&A. We manage projects, programmes and large project portfolios.
Transformation.          Integration.          Change.          M&A.We manage projects, programmes and large project portfolios.


Welcome to TESS Consulting.


Our expertise is in managing Business and IT projects, programmes or project portfolios, Business Analysis, Process Management and Solution Architecture.

Our core expertise is M&A, Integration and Transition.


Our benchmark is the Anglo-Saxon understanding of good customer service i.e. Customer-First.


We excel in managing people, activities and assets efficiently to create value add in every area of your organization e.g. Global Markets, Corporate Finance, Global Banking, Global Transaction Banking, Asset Management, Private Wealth Management, Private Banking, IT Operations, IT Infrastructure, Pharmacy, Transportation, Construction Industry etc..


You can engage us on highly sensitive initiatives at every level, across all project phases from Due Diligence through to Project Closure.


Today it’s all about IT.

We have strong financial backgrounds and can bring together your Business and IT requirements due to their interdisciplinary skills.


Our major milestone is: "Project completed successfully."


Our core expertise is professional Project Management in the English- or German-speaking Industry.

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