Transformation. Integration. Change. M&A. We manage projects, programmes and large project portfolios.
Transformation.          Integration.          Change.          M&A.We manage projects, programmes and large project portfolios.

TESS Consulting Approach

Several international empirical studies about success rates of projects showed the last years - dependent on the scope of the study- that 50-80% of all IT projects fail i.e. are not completed in time, budget, quality or are cancelled completely before finalization.


Why? What is the key to success in getting a project completed successfully?

Is it the project management methodology that is being used?

Does it makes a difference whether I am going to manage my project based on GPM, PMI, Prince2 or any other common project management methodology?

The answer is 'No'.


Even if it makes absolute sense to adhere one standardized proven project management approach. The project has a start and an end date and during the project duration the project staff completes the in-scope tasks. Our job is to manage the activities, people and assets to ensure that the project is completed on time, quality and budget.


If you are not happy with a project already running in your company, you can involve us as a project review task force. We have experience in getting critical projects up and running smoothly.


From a methodology point of view you need a project plan, a risk and issue log, a communications plan, a report and a financial tracking tool. That's it. It doesn't matter what methodology you follow, you need the basic tools and you have to use them in their right way to get the project managed properly.

The project plan is our focal point that shows throughout the project, the current status in detail. Without knowing what is happening on the project and not knowing where you are, you cannot make informed decisions. The project plan is the heartbeat of the project and we can ensure the heart continues to beat.

The only difference between projects are in fact the size or the dependency to other projects, but the project management process itself is the same on each project independent of the location, business area or people.


If you want us to manage your projects, than we can sit down and agree with you the overall project strategy that we would execute in the most efficient way based on the agreed business needs and the most appropriate project management methodology.


By realising the agreed project strategy we can give you an accurate activity and financials status of the project, programme or project portfolio at any time, to ensure that our performance in managing projects is measurable.


Our approach is:

•  Follow a pragmatic approach

•  Show that good project management adds value, that has the potential to create extensive cost savings

•  Consult on the interface between business and IT

•  Be interdisciplinary open-minded

•  Be a global consultant on international markets

•  It is less difficult to solve a problem, than to live with it


We work as peers alongside your people. These can be your own staff, management or other service providers within your organisation.

Creating benefits to our customers, the project staff, the employees, partners and suppliers with whom we are dealing is the key to our success.

For us, Consulting and Project Management means the creation of additional value to our customer.

The customer is our focal point and it's our passion to provide 'For You' 100 % customer satisfaction.


Good and pragmatic project management is our core expertise that can boost your Business, by getting the project management job done on time, on budget and ensure quality throughout all project phases.

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